Cooking with HelloFresh

"Fresh food is the ingredient that binds us together"

As a mother of 4 kids, I prioritise quality time spent with my family and I am passionate about leading a happy and healthy life. 

With HelloFresh: 

  1. I can spend more time with my kids and less time at the supermarket and in the kitchen. 
  2. I don't need to worry about meal planning and shopping! 
  3. I know that I am putting healthy, nutritious, balanced meals on the table for my family. 
  4.  And, there is no more, "Mummm, what's for dinner?" 4 times over! 

Why I love HelloFresh...

"You will love all the variety of meals and cuisines you can choose from all around the world!"

  • The kids love helping me to prepare dinner (even hubby!)
  • The recipe cards give step-by-step instructions and pictures so everyone can help!
  • The meals are ready and on the table in 30 minutes, which means more time spent around the dinner table.
  • We are all learning new and helpful cooking techniques 
  • We are getting to try different flavours and enjoy a wide variety of cuisines! 

How HelloFresh has changed

dinner time at our place...

"The kids are also helping prep the food and love all 

the different recipes we have been creating"

Roast Dutch Carrot

& Basil Haloumi Spiced Couscous


I love this combination of brightly coloured 

veggies and all the delicious spices and aromas! 
This meal is full of goodness whilst still 

feeling super fresh and light. 

Do you want to learn how I get my busy family of 6 together at the table? Say hello to HelloFresh 👋 with 40% off your first box!

I've got you covered!

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