by Celeste Barber 


"We’ve once again showed you that dinnertime doesn’t have to be a chore - and we’ve also shown you that Elyse is an even bigger bogan than I am!"

- Celeste

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Skewered by Celeste Barber is not like any cooking show you’ve seen before. Celeste is inviting celebs into the kitchen, to skewer the myth that dinnertime has to be difficult. But that’s not all that is skewered - the celeb is in for a roasting too. Whatever their accomplishments, Celeste will serve up a piping hot bowl of 'Get Over Yourself!'. It will keep you hungry for more!

Everyone loves enchiladas, but we've made them even more lovable by getting them on the table quicker. Tasty, hearty and ready in a flash - this dish is always a winner! 

Cheats Beef &
Corn Enchiladas

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